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Germanium Metal Ge Lumpy Ge Ingot 99.999% Pure

Germanium Metal Ge Lumpy Ge Ingot 99.999% Pure

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1. Basic characteristics of germanium metal:
   - Element symbol: Ge
   - Atomic number: 32
   - Metal type: Metalloid
   - Appearance: Lustrous, hard, grayish-white
   - Melting point: 938.25 °C
   - Boiling point: 2,830 °C
   - Purity: Ge 99.999%

2. Discovery of germanium metal:
   - Discovered by the German chemist Clemens Winkler in 1886.
   - Germanium is primarily obtained as a byproduct of zinc ore processing.

3. Occurrence and distribution of germanium metal:
   - Germanium is relatively rare in the Earth's crust and is not found as a free element.
   - It is mainly found in the form of zinc ores and extracted during processing.

4. Applications of germanium metal:
   - Electronics and semiconductor industry: Germanium is a semiconductor material used in electronic devices and integrated circuits.
   - Fiber optics: Germanium is used as a dopant in optical fibers to control the refractive index and enhance light transmission.
   - Infrared optics: Germanium is transparent to infrared radiation, making it useful in infrared spectroscopes and thermal imaging devices.
   - Catalysts: Germanium compounds can serve as catalysts in certain chemical reactions.
   - Alloying agent: Germanium can be used as an additive in certain metal alloys to improve their properties.

5. Limitations and alternative materials:
   - The applications of germanium have been somewhat limited due to the development of alternative materials and technologies.
   - Demand for germanium has decreased with advancements in technology.
   - Germanium metal still finds niche applications in specific electronic devices and optical applications.
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