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20 Grams Gallium Metal Pure 99.99%

20 Grams Gallium Metal Pure 99.99%

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Regarding this item

  • 20 Grams 99.99% Pure Gallium Metal 
  • Gallium Metal 99.99%+ Pure is packaged inside two thick and durable plastic vial. 
  • With a Gallium Metal melting point of 29.8°C/86°F, it turns from solid to liquid in your hands
  • Gallium Metal is an amazing Metal Ga Element with fascinating properties
  • CAS 7440-55-3
  • Fun to experiment with and perfect for DIY projects
Important Notes:
  • Please use latex gloves when working with Gallium as it can be messy Keep away from Aluminium as it has a corrosive effect on it.
  • Although it's safe, please do not ingest Gallium.
  • Please store Gallium out of reach of children. If Children are using it please make sure they are supervised at all times.

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