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Changsha Rich Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd

Indium Metal Ingot, 99.995% pure 1000g (1kg)

Indium Metal Ingot, 99.995% pure 1000g (1kg)

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Indium,  99.995%+ pure, 

1000g (2pcs Ingot)

Physical Constants

  • Melting point: 156.6°C

  • Boiling point: 2072°C


  • UN number: 12141719

  • Chem class: 8

  • Pack group: III

Chemical data :CAS: 7440-74-6

We manufacture a range of Gallium materials include;
Indium ingot  ·Indium target (wire, foil, sheet, rod)  · Indium compounds ( Oxide, Nitrate, Chloride, Sulphate) · Indium alloy ( In-Sn, In-Bi alloy)

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