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GaIn Eutectic M.P. 16°C/ 60.8°F 99.99% pure Heat Transfer Gallium-Indium Alloy Liquid Metal

GaIn Eutectic M.P. 16°C/ 60.8°F 99.99% pure Heat Transfer Gallium-Indium Alloy Liquid Metal

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Gallium-Indium Alloy


Melting point:16°C /60.8°F

GaIn Eutectic Liquid alloy composed of gallium and indium by Changsha Rich Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd

Packing: 102grams / bottle,255grams / bottle,510grams / bottle,1010grams / bottle

Gallium-indium (GaIn) alloy (EU-GAIN-16C) is a material with special magnetic and shape memory properties. Its chemical symbol is GaIn, and its physical and chemical properties include:

Melting point: 16°C /60.8°F


made up of  75% Gallium,25% Indium

Density: 6.3 g/cm³.

Melting point: 15.5-16°C.

Thermal conductivity: Its thermal conductivity is lower than copper, but higher than many other alloys.

Purity and thermal conductivity:

99.99% pure thermal conductivity 38w/(m.k),

99.9999% pure thermal conductivity 40w/(m.k)

Electrical conductivity: Its electrical conductivity is lower than copper and decreases with increasing temperature.

Purity and Electrical conductivity:

99.99% pure Electrical conductivity 3.3×10^6 S/m,

99.9999% pure Electrical conductivity 4.2×10^6 S/m

Shape memory: GaIn alloy has shape memory, which means that it can change shape under external stimuli and return to its original shape under another stimulus.

Low toxicity: GaIn alloy is non-toxic and has low environmental impact, making it a safer alternative to other toxic materials.

Softness: The alloy is relatively soft and can be easily cut or shaped, which makes it useful in various applications.

Low melting point: As mentioned earlier, GaIn alloy has a low melting point of 16°C, which makes it a good candidate for use in low-temperature applications.

High surface tension: GaIn alloy has a high surface tension, which means that it forms a smooth, uniform layer when deposited onto a surface. This property makes it useful in electronic and optical applications.

Biocompatibility: GaIn alloy has been found to be biocompatible, which means that it can be used in medical implants and other biomedical applications.

Other: gallium-indium alloy is a versatile material with a range of interesting properties that make it useful in a variety of applications, including electronics, sensors, and biomedical devices.

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